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If you disclose a learning disability on a job application, does the employer have to provide accommodations?

If you put down on a job application that you have a learning disability or ADHD, is the employer supposed to offer help? I always put this on my applications but have never gotten any kind of help at work. What can I do about this?

Dear Wayne:

Employers are not permitted to ask about disabilities on job applications and you are not required to state that you have a disability.

If you meet the bona fide qualifications for the job and are given a preliminary offer, they may ask further questions that are job-related that may relate to a medical condition. More importantly, if you have a documented disability and require accommodations, you may present evidence of your disability to the employer, as well as documentation of the need for reasonable accommodations.

However, this is typically done after you are hired. The employer is not obligated to provide you with an accommodation simply because you identify that you have a disability. Check the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Web site(opens in a new window) for information about your rights under the ADA in relation to both the application process and seeking accommodations after you are hired.

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