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I am an adult with a learning disability, and I’m trying to further my education in a field that I am well suited for. I’m not quite sure where I would best be suited, although I have several interests. How can I, and other learning disabled individuals, figure out what type of job opportunities align with our abilities and disabilities to get the right fit? And how, as an adult, do I get the resources I need to obtain the accommodations I may need in my future profession?

There are vocational guidance professionals who are familiar with learning disabilities. The focus is on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses as they relate both to the training needed for a field of work and as would be found on the job. Then the task is to build on strengths while trying to compensate for the weaknesses. Try to find a professional familiar with vocational training and with special education. You might contact the Division of Special Education within the Department of Education at a university near you or contact your state’s Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. Often there are agencies in cities that do such counseling.

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