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My daughter is in sixth grade. She had attended public school since kindergarten and had begun to have falling grades in fourth and fifth grades. We began homeschooling her this year and were shocked at her lack of comprehension skills. She forgets things as soon as she reads them. Even when I try to read assignments to her in an exciting way, she does not retain the information. Last week we did a whole unit on the Scientific Method in Science. This week the term was reintroduced and she acted as if she had never heard the term. I hate getting frustrated when I know this is not something she is doing intentionally. Is she ADD? She never acts hyperactive. She is very laid back and can concentrate on and remember TV shows and comic book stories. If she is ADD, I have no intention of medicating her. Is there a natural medicine or change in food or curriculum that can help her?

Thank you,

Yes, she can be helped. She needs a diagnosis. I bet that if your daughter had continuous headaches or stomachaches or any other physical problem you would have rushed to her doctor and perhaps seen as many specialists as you needed in order to help her. Why do you see disorders of the brain as different?

You describe what might be learning disabilities and you describe possible ADHD. Discuss each with your pediatrician. There are formal test to clarify if she has a learning disability. These studies can be done by your school professionals or by private professionals. Your family doctor should be able to assess for ADHD; and, if she has this disorder, treat it. Treatment would be based on what she has. Home schooling might give you a false sense of security because of the lack of the same expectations needed in school.

Please, have the right professionals make the right diagnoses. Then, design your interventions/treatments on the confirmed diagnoses. Disorders of the brain are just as debilitating as those of other body systems.

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