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I work with young adults with nonverbal learning disorders. I’d like to suggest resources for them as they transition out of our special education program. Where can I find online resources for adults with nonverbal LD?

Resources on nonverbal learning disorders often focus primarily on children and issues related to school success. However, many young adults with NLD are making use of blogs(opens in a new window) and discussion forums(opens in a new window) as a way to share their experiences and help other adults with NLD. An NLD blog or discussion board may be a good suggestion for some of your students — they can share experiences, post questions and discuss with other NLD teens and young adults what life is like beyond the classroom.

NLDLine is one of the most popular sources of information on nonverbal learning disorder online. In their section on NLD Adults(opens in a new window), you can find a number of resources and personal stories shared by adults with NLD on topics ranging from dating and relationships, employment, independent living, treatment plans and socializing with peers.

Finally, a number of books(opens in a new window) have recently come out about adults living with nonverbal learning disorder(opens in a new window), you may want to purchase a few of these books for your classroom and make them available to your students.

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