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What does the technology landscape look like in your school?

A critical step to increase technology use throughout your school is to assess the availability of tools and devices currently in use.

To support your work in defining your technology landscape, use the technology inventory (see page 22) developed by PowerUp What Works(opens in a new window).

technology inventory chart

What you learn from the results can help you identify the gaps in your hardware and software, and better align your instructional approaches to technology. You can either strengthen an existing approach or even launch a new one.

You might want to join the growing number of school districts across country that are implementing one or more of the following technology approaches:

  • One-to-one computing
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Mixed devices
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Rolling laptop carts
  • Computer work stations (in classrooms or a lab)

These technology approaches are defined and explained in the ‘Roadmap for District- and/or School-Wide Technology Implementation’(opens in a new window) section of the Technology Implementation Practice Guide. For additional information about ways to strengthen your technology implementation strategies, check out Appendix B of the PowerUp Technology Implementation Practice Guide

Each approach has its own set of benefits and issues. Use the PowerUp Technology Implementation Support Modules to help you assess the potential impact of using one approach versus another in your context and guide your planning.

Regardless of the approach, a common set of factors come into play—cost, professional development, training for students, usage strategies, and classroom management. Addressing these overarching issues requires collaboration among members of a school Leadership Team. This is the topic of our next article in the PowerUp technology implementation series.

Judith Zorfass, Principle Investigator, PowerUp WHAT WORKS Tracy Gray, Project Director, PowerUp WHAT WORKS Contributor: Caroline Martin, Research Assistant, PowerUp WHAT WORKS

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