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Mark Bertin

Articles by this author

Drawing of a boy and woman trying to communicate


A Framework for Parenting a Child with ADHD

The basics of parenting a child with ADHD integrate the best of the research with the realities of busy households. Using this framework helps contribute to a smooth running home and a calmer family setting.

Two graphics of speech bubbles and one has three dots in it


ADHD and Communication

With any conversation or interaction, our expectations of the outcome influence how we hold ourselves, our choice of words, and our tone of voice. Learn more about ADHD and communication.


ADHD Evaluation

Skilled evaluation is an integral step towards fully and compassionately understanding a child’s experience. Learn more about ADHD evaluation.


Parent Management of Oppositional Behaviors

Up to forty percent of children with ADHD demonstrate oppositional behaviors, and that’s not counting the general non-compliance often associated with executive function deficits.
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