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Patricia H. Latham

Articles by this author

A parent holding her daughter while talking to a teacher

Legislation & Policy

Advocating Effectively to Resolve Disputes

Learn to get your way in disputes without suing or getting in a fight. People with learning disabilities, and their parents and allies can learn to apply the six steps of successful advocacy.

Legislation & Policy

How to Pick a Lawyer

We have received thousands of inquiries over the past several years. Of these inquiries, one of the most common has been: “How do I pick a lawyer?” The starting point is to understand the nature of your legal problem.

Legislation & Policy

Supreme Court Rules That Parents Have Rights Too

On May 21, 2007 The Supreme Court ruled in Winkelman v. Parma School District that parents could proceed in court without attorneys in IEP cases. Both parent and child have the right to have Free Appropriate Public Education provided to the child.

Legislation & Policy

The Law After High School

Learn about your legal rights and responsibilities for accommodations on the job, disclosure of your disability, documentation of your disability, and many other issues that come up after graduating high school.
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