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Armand’s Story

Arlington, Virginia, US

I was found eligible for special education services with a learning disability when I was in first grade. Over the years that passed by, I did not know I had a disability until fifth grade. I used to think I was just in a class with a few people. Then I went to an IEP meeting in the Spring. There I learned about my disability.

If somebody found out I had a disability, I would tell them that I am different. It is good to understand what a disability is because that’s how you are. One thing I know is that I can’t write fast. I have an IEP. I am in a small math group.

This disability does not affect me in a bad way. I have a lot of friends. If people make fun of me because I have a disability, I just ignore them. I have a great life.

One of the talents I have is if I read something over and over I will memorize it. Some classes I am good at are science and social studies. I have a good memory of events that happened in the past. Another thing I can do is play the violin.

I have a great life at school and at home. I have had a hard time with my studies. I will continue to study hard.

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