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Ce’Aunna’s Story

Virginia, US

The day I found out I had a disability, I was in the first grade. It was the end of the day and the whole class was answering questions to get in line. I got called up and it took me forever to answer the question, and I never could answer the question. That’s how I found out about my disability.

The thing I know about my disability is that mine is not like ADD where you can’t sit still very long. I just learn slower than others. But I am a very good student. I just have trouble in math and reading.

People with disabilities can still have many talents. I have talents. I love to model. I love shopping, taking photographs, and anything to do with fashion.

Knowing what kind of disability you have is very important. If you don’t understand your disability, then you won’t know what you need to work on. You might have classes with someone who has a disability, so it is important to know your disability so you can understand other people’s disabilities.

I would tell someone that just found out they have a disability that you should never freak. If people are messing with you, just ignore them. Even if they laugh at you, laugh with them. Tell them you are just like everyone else, but learn slower than others. Don’t hate, appreciate.

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