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As the Clock Struck Twelve

Kirkland, Washington, US

As the clock struck twelve, cats and dogs rained from the sky and flooded the streets with meows and barks that you could hear all the way to the park.

As the clock struck one I heard a great big boom so I looked outside so very soon and saw as elephants thundered into the town.

As the clock struck two, the ground shook as mice came down the street and scared the elephants which made them quake and also the ground.

As the clock struck three there was laughter so big it seemed like it came from school full of kids it was a circus who came through.

As the clock struck four, I heard the windows start to break. Opera singers had come singing the loudest and as high pitched as they could.

As the clock struck five I heard a beat of sound then I saw a marching band tooted and banged down to the streets of the town.

As the clock struck six I heard a sound I heard before. The sound of candy being dropped on my floor. I raced to my window and what did I see? Candy dropping onto the street.

When the clock struck seven I heard a moan of children who have eaten to much candy and what happens if you eat to much candy that answer is cavities.

As the clock struck eight the moaning had stopped. I wondered why. There were dentists outside fixing the teeth of the children how had eaten too much.

The clock struck nine and it was time to start thinking of a way to stop this. I thought as farmers started to plant seeds outside.

As the clock struck ten I heard a car and looked outside, a moving van filled with lamps which fell on to the plants.

As the clock struck eleven the plants sprouted and so did an idea. So I went to the clock and rewound it and just as I thought things went back to normal for that day.

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