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Death in a dress

Lake Havasu City, Arizona, US

“NO, don’t take her!” a young woman screamed as she ran after a group of people who were escorting a four year old girl into the center of the town. The woman ran after them until they stop at the town square where everyone had gathered under the full moon in the dead of night. The woman was held back by two other women so she wouldn’t interfere as the high priest continued the ceremony. “This girl is not a girl at all!” the priest lifted the child by the scruff of her shirt and held her up high in the air.

The child’s head was bowed as if it were unconscious. the woman struggled to get to the girl even harder now “What are you talking about, priest, she’s my daughter!” The child lifted its head and everyone froze but that one woman struggled like a tiger in a cage. The child shot opened its eyes and everyone was shot back 30 feet by an invisible force. the priest struggled to keep his grip on the child but he too was sent flying. The child’s eyes were a fiery red and you could see a blaze of rage in the darkness of the girl’s eyes. The young woman ran to the girl and grasped her hand and pleaded her to stop but the child did not cease. The woman grabbed onto the other hand and pleaded harder tears ran down her cheeks as she spoke out words of forgiveness. The child looked down upon the woman and spoke in a deep voice that wasn’t her own “foolish woman I have no need for you anymore.” The child ripped its hand from her and knocked her to the ground.

The woman gazed up at her daughter with red puffy eyes and starred in fear. The child noticed her gaze and pointed to her the women was now a puppet in the child’s grasp, when the child’s arm would go up so did the woman. The child’s eyes were half open as if it were still tired and a little evil grin crossed its face “Since I have no need for you then I have no need to keep you alive” the child moved its arm to point at a pitch fork with its handle lodged in a wall a few meters away. The woman was moved in front of it and the child pulled back its arm and launched it forward. The grasp that the child had was broken and the woman went flying into the pitch fork. The three sharp points went threw her back and out her rib cage nearly killing her but it just missed her heart. She bled threw her mouth as she grabbed the two metal barred points on the end trying to pull herself off. the child held out an open hand in front of her and curled her fingers into a fist. as it did this the three bars curled back and stuck into the woman making three new wounds.

She screamed in agony as one pierced threw her heart. she bowed her head as blood came pouring from her mouth and her hands fell to her side. The child was standing right in front of her watching her dye with a grin of pleasure upon her tired face “I couldn’t let you die slowly now could I, mother” the child brushed some hair from her mothers face. As the child dropped its guard the priest threw a sacred gem at the child’s back.

The child screamed in pain as the gem buried its self in the child’s flesh and a dark vapor flowed from her mouth in haste. The child fell to the ground dead but the priest knew from the start that the child had died three years ago from disease. The vapor had two glowing lights in it which looked like eyes “You damn priest you’ll pay for this!” The vapor past threw the priest and when it emerged from his body his soul was stuck in the vapor. The vapor disappeared into the night with all the souls of the villagers but when help arrived all they found was bones and blood.

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