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Glasgow, Other, GB

There he stood, not looking at her once. She sighed unhappily and turned away, not knowing that as soon as she did his eyes shot over to her.

They should have told each other how they felt, then it would be different. None of it would have happened, maybe they’d even be together.

Lauren lay in bed, with her earphones in listening to the songs that reminded her of Kyle. A single tear rolled down her cheek and fell onto her pillow as she slowly driffted to sleep.

Kyle sat infont of his computer waiting for Lauren to go online so they could talk, he waited for hours and hours but she didn’t go on. He sighed and fell asleep on the chair.

Lauren faked a smile as her friends all laughed and joked. They walked down the corridor, making their way to their next class: history. They turned the corner and Laurens eyes gleamed, a genuine smile spread across her face as she saw Kyle and his friend waiting at the door. The only time she was truly happy was when she was near him. She saw him smile too, but it never even crossed her mind that it would be because he had just seen her. They all stood outside the history class waiting for the bell to ring.

“Did you do your essay Lauren?” Kyle asked her directly.

“Erm…” she struggled smiling. “The first half, you?”

“Same, well nearly the first half”. He smiled.

She laughed a little too enthusuiasticaly.

He noticed and smiled at her, wishing she only felt the same way he did.

Weeks past since they last spoke to each other and it was breaking both their hearts. Laurens was already fragile enough, and Kyles wasn’t in a much better condition.

Then the argument happend, and it was all that was needed to push an already broken Lauren over the edge. Neither Kyle nor Lauren has caused it, it had been their friends. They were trying to get Kyle to go out with Lauren. His friends were being horrible, saying he hated her and would never go near her. Although Kyle looked heartbroken by what was being said he never put a stop to it.

That night she wept in her room, sobbing until moring came. She couldnt take it anymore, she opened the bottle and poured the contentes into her mouth. She folded a piece of paper and held it in her hand. Closing her eyes, she lay down to a sleep she knew she would never wake from and it killed her inside.

That moring her body was found by her father. She was rushed to hospital but pronounced dead on arrival. When Kyle found out it snapped him in half. He couldn’t breath and he wept for hours. He never spoke a word to anyone for months, hardly leaving his room, and never letting go of the note Lauren has written him.

“Kyle. You never knew, but I loved you so much. I’m so broken, what I’m going to do isn’t because of you but because of me. I couldn’t take the pain of losing you so I stopped it. I’m sorry.”

He should have told her how he felt, she should have known. Why hadn’t he told her? He could never forgive himself for doing that to her, the girl he loved. He had killed her. He would never be able to tell her.

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