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Eva’s Outta Space Mission!

Hyde Park, Massachusetts, US

One Saturday Morning, the news station made a huge story on the big space mission that was taking place that afternoon at 12:25. Eva and her two Brothers RJ and Rick wanted to go so then…

Eva said: “12:05 we have to hurry!”
Rick replied: “…?”
Eva Than Said: “O.K lets go! The Rocket is about to launch in Jordan! 9.8 ooh. 6.5 noooo! 3.2 haaaa! 0!”

Eva got pulled from the gravity pulling her very self.

Jordan Said (In A Jumbled Voice): “Evaaaaa?”
Jordan Said: “Hurry Evaaaaaaaaa!”
Eva Said: “Comin!”
RJ and Rick said: “Noooooooooooo!”
RJ Covered Rick’s Mouth then said: “Only God knows if she’ll stay alive in space!
The Space Producer Said: “Houston, we got a girl on board, but I see she’s overconfident for a 16 year old!”

Later in space…

Eva Said: “RJ, Rick I Miss You *Sniffle* but I know we’ll meet again, you and I, Siblings For Life *Sniffle*”

The Announcer Said: “What would MegaEva say at a time like this?”

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