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Give It All You’ve Got!

Jacksonville, Oregon, US

Hi my name is Dennis. I was nine when I was diagnosed with ADHD. When I heard, I was devastated. I thought I had the worst life. My sister was yelling at me, I was failing math, and I was behind on homework.

Then I started going to a doctor. She was not helping, so I went to a new doctor. I’m not saying she is bad — she is very nice. She would play games with me, and really cared. And she believed in God. But she just was not right for me.

But with my new doctor, I am doing well. I even get my homework done before I get home. And I no longer think ADHD is a disability. Many famous people have ADHD. In fact I wouldn’t be writing this now. My advice to you is don’t give up. Because if you give it all you’ve got, you will have a great life.

Bye from Dennis.

P.S. I like hot dogs.

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