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Having ADD

Arlington, Virginia, US

I found out I had a disability when my mom took me to the doctor. The doctor said I have a disability which makes it hard to learn. I have to take a special pill every morning. Now it is easier to think and concentrate. School has become easier (like math, science, and social studies). The problem is that it is sometimes difficult for me to remember to take my pill. I know that my disability makes it hard to think and hard for me to keep still. But it is a good thing I take my pill or else I’ll be very hyper. I am smart, calm and ready to go to school when I take my pill. The only time of the day I hate is after school because my pill wears off. I sometimes get really hyper. It upsets people.

It is important to know your disability because if I didn’t, I would still probably be in fifth grade because I would have failed horribly. So I’m happy to know about my disability. If I knew about my disability earlier, I probably wouldn’t have had to go to summer school. I might have had to take special classes in sixth grade if I didn’t know about my disability. But I am glad the doctor found out I had the disability in the first place.

Some of the talents I have because of my disability are to make up things with my imagination. For example, I made a book when I was eight years old that my grandparents loved. I also made an outside game for them when it’s sunny outside. I invent things out of broken toys. My imagination also helps in school — one day I made a math problem. It was wrong but I still got the right answer.

If one of my friends found out they had a disability, I would tell them how I’ve gotten through having one, too. I would tell them the good things, like how you can get better with it, how it helps your imagination, and all the rest. I would also tell them about the bad things of how it might be hard to learn, and bad stuff that has happened to me. I would tell them to ask their mom if there’s a special pill they have to take, and for all the information about their disability so they survive having a disability just like me.

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