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Having ADHD

Arlington, Virginia, US

I realized that I had ADHD when I was in kindergarten. I knew because my teacher would always tell me to sit down or be quiet. I was always wondering why she was giving me special attention. I really didn’t like being treated differently. I think that ADHD should not affect a kid’s life.

My talents are swimming and jumping off the diving board. I love to talk. I love to help out kids with disabilities. I am so energetic. I also like to just hang out.

I really don’t know why they don’t just call ADHD “Get Out of Your Chair.” I think ADHD is just a name that people put on kids. I know I’m not organized, but I still don’t like being labeled.

If you have a disability, you are just like me. You should not let this affect you in any way. Just be you; you are like others in many different ways. Don’t think it is bad to have a disability.

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