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I Am Dyslexic

Solon, Ohio, US

I am dyslexic and I accept that.
I learn differently but I’m still smart.
I learn by pictures and see by seeing objects.
I am smart.
Even if I might struggle,
I still try my hardest.
I am dyslexic,
But I am still human.
I have a heart,
And it is filled with love.
I still have a soul!
The giggles and laughs,
They hurt
Why don’t you understand?
I am trying.
The words are dancing around the page.
Jumping and floating, like the stars in space.
The words are just so hard to read.
So hard to concentrate.
I am not stupid.
I am not dumb.
I am smart.
I just learn differently.
I am creative and talented.
I can act and sing and dance,
And create works of art,
And I can read and write,
And do science and math.
I just need some extra support.
I am motivated to do my best.
I am successful.
Dyslexia is not going to hold me back.
It’s just a struggle in my life
That I will have to cope with.
I am confident.
I have a learning disability,
But I call it a learning difference.
I am proud of who I am.
I am dyslexic.
I am not stupid,
Nor dumb or lazy.
I am gifted.
I am a Dyslexic,
And I am proud.

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