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I Have a Disability

Saginaw, Michigan, US

Hi, my name is Nick and I have a disability. My disability is that I have problems with math, reading, and writing. It has been very hard for me all through school. I am finally a senior and all through school I have been in special education classes. Yes, I know that I have to be because some of the regular classes are very hard and I get behind. But, when you are in these different classes people look at you differently; like you’re some weird person and dumb.

I got through my years of school and am looking forward to graduating. When I get out into the “real world” I am still going to have problems because, like I said, I have a disability. Math doesn’t come easily to me; adding and multiplying. It takes me more time. Some people think as I get older I should be able to do some of these things but when you have a learning disability, you can’t. I always read at a lower level because big words are hard for me. I read more slowly than most people. But, I have seen improvement in my reading. Writing is also hard for me because I have trouble with spelling. So, when I have to write a story in class I need help. That’s why I don’t like to write.

Having these challenges doesn’t mean that I can’t do things and I don’t let my disability get in the way of my dreams. My dream is to become a firefighter, like my dad. I am now a member of a fire department even though it was hard for me to get through my Medical First Responder (MFR) classes. The teachers understood about my disability and helped me a lot. Next year, I will be going for my Firefighter One and Two classes.

In closing, I want to say, even if you have a disability, don’t give up on your dreams. If you want to be something, work hard and do it. Don’t give up!

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