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I think I need to do something…

Norwalk, Connecticut, US

I have ADHD and I know it. I am easily distracted and I forget to do a lot of things… like my homework or a chore. I misplace things and I make useless collections so I have something to do instead of work. I often stare out the window and not pay much attention to my teachers. And I must admit, I have not studied for a test or quiz all year.

I am a freshman in high school. I get A’s and B’s on tests that I didn’t even study for… that is if I like the class. If I like the class or if I understand the subject, I will do great without having to study, but if I don’t like the class or I am just not good in the subject, I will not do as well on tests and quizes. My final exams are coming up at the end of the week and I am on the internet instead of studying for them…

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