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I Want the World to Know

Tucson, Arizona, US

“You are not a regular kid because of merit. You are a regular kid because of sheer luck. Only fortune kept you from being a special ed kid.”

I am in special ed because I have learning disabilities, ADD and other disabilities. Sometimes people treat me different because of my problems and I have been teased because of my disabilities, too. I want the world to know how it feels to have a disability. It’s already hard enough to deal with it so all we need is people who don’t understand. Sometimes all you want is for people to care; Not to feel sorry for you but to simply understand and to know that we have dreams and hopes too and everyone deserves to be treated equally no matter what the circumstances they are in.

I want people with disabilities not to be afraid to be themselves, not to worry what people think of you, or if they like you. That’s their problem if they can’t see you for who you are, but no matter how many times you tell yourself that, it’s still sometimes hard to except. I don’t know why but I think everyone has something inside them that wants people to love them and when people don’t, you blame it on yourself. I am trying to learn that no matter what life gives me, I still must be myself, love myself and except me for who I am. I want to understand as much as I can about why we feel the way we do and how other people feel and why they do what they do. This is what I want to tell the world so that they might understand.

I know many people do understand, but I want to show everyone how we feel and how hard it is to not be accepted for being you. This quote I hope shows people that kids with disabilities are different, but we are all the same in some way and we deserve the same treatment as everyone else. So the next time you see a kid with a disability of any kind, remember its not our fault we were born that way and you very well could have been born disabled, too. And when I’m feeling down I remember that “Struggles make me stronger and changes make me wise” and although teasing hurts and being born different sometimes hurts, too, I remember that I am lucky to be able to see how people should be treated and I’m lucky to be able to see and learn about life through other kids struggles and my own. And for that important lesson I thank God for who I am and how he made me!

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