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But I was still strong!

Wauchope, New South Wales, AT

When I was young, my parents and I didn’t understand why I couldn’t read properly. We would go through a book and my mum would help me to say the words that I got wrong and then she would tell me to say them and I would have forgotten them. This was sooo frustrating for both mum and I. This was also the same with the time I could never read the time properly and I always got the most spelling words wrong in class.

I always just thought that I was dumb. I knew that I wasn’t liked much and the teachers didn’t really take much time with me. This was hard because every one else in my class would get awards for getting good marks and I wouldn’t. I changed schools because I was getting bullied. I never understood why. Now I know it was because I have a disability.

The teachers at my new school took more time and I got more friends, but I still wasn’t the same as the others. Then in 2007, my dad took me to get some tests done. When I got the results back, it said that I had dyslexia and that I would often not remember things like my times tables. After that, I felt better knowing that every day that I had lived before then feeling like I was so different from every one else, I was wrong. Now I know that I’m not so different!


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