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Kelmisha’s Story

Virginia, US

I have dyslexia. I was just in the second grade when it had an effect on me. When my mom was pregnant with me she was diagnosed with a disease that passed on to me. It affected my brain and caused my dyslexia. Most people find out their disability at a young age like I did.

It helps you to know more about your disability like I do. What I know about my disability is that dyslexia is very common. Dyslexia has to do with reading and writing problems. I can live with dyslexia being a problem. When I first found out about my disability, I was not scared because I knew that I could get help and I did.

When you have a disability, you think you are far from perfect. Don’t worry, because you have your life ahead of you. In school, you will be successful and reach your goals. Many people grow up with a disability. Many famous people have a disability, and they are very successful in their lives.

With a disability, I still have a lot of talent. My talent and my favorite sport is track. Track keeps me special and it’s fun. Other than track, I can dance. Dancing runs in my family. I love it. Drawing also runs in my family. We all love it.

It is important to learn about your disability because you have to live with the problem all your life. Sometimes learning what disability you have is better for you, so you can understand what you are going through.

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