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Life on your head

Melbourne, Victoria, AU

Since grade 5 I’ve been a normal kid, did normal things, lived a normal life… Until the parent teacher interview.

My mum & I sat in the classroom, with my teacher. She told us I did well in some subjects, but not math. She told us we had to do something about it, so we did. After some short time, I had to go with the school’s counselor. We did some test like, show pictures of stuff, read, & many other things.

One day after all the test she told for my parents to come & see her & the vice principals & principal & my teacher (This is still in grade 5). They told me that I had a learning disability. The one I had was called (I forgot what it was called) & when they all met again, I had a decision to make… stay down & do grade 5 again, or go up to grade 6. They told me that if I stayed down I wouldn’t be able to be in the same grade as my friend (Ex-friend now), so I decided to go to grade 6.

I’m now in year 7, & have many friends. I still have trouble with stuff like Math & Spelling, but I’m really good at Info tech & technology! I got I.C.T captain last year! (‘07).

If your reading this & you have a LD, just tell yourself that you can do it! When I grow up I want to be a journalist & a story writer. I may be bad at spelling but I’m good at writing. Thanks for reading this & hope you believe in yourself & do what YOU want to do & nobody else!

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