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A Little Snippet of My Mind

Putney, Vermont, US

Know what teachers before Landmark College did to me?

They trumped my creativity. If they told me to “be creative” on an assignment, I was. Then I would turn in a paper, but they told me it was not creative. Of course it was. Just not by their standards. If they couldn’t accept it as creative, it was their own closed minds that couldn’t accept it. I have my own standards of being creative!

Once, my English teacher told me to “be creative” and write about myself. So I did. But then when I got my paper back it had red marks all over it. So I am sitting there thinking, “What?! I told you about myself! I like Pac-Man! What is so wrong about writing about how much I love Pac-Man?!”

Oh, and I pitched a game idea, too. Like what if Pac-Man was up-chucking everything? That would be so cool, right? Like instead of the little white dots going into his mouth, they would come out.

Also, just a few weeks ago, asked my mom if I could maybe invent the talking car horn. I was thinking that perhaps then, those stupid, psychopathic NYC cab drivers would actually listen to their surroundings, instead of trying to, you know, kill us all. And I am not just talking about cab drivers. Stupid drivers everywhere, really. But about those cab drivers, what is with them? I think THEY might have ADD, or something. I mean, it’s not like MY ADD, because while I DO have trouble paying attention to what is going on around me, I don’t have THAT much trouble! GEEZ!

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