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Schenectady, New York, US

My name is Emily. I am 16 years old and I go to Mohonasen High School. I am in tenth grade.

When I was about two years old I was diagnosed with dyslexia and other things. I used to receive speech and o.t. It was a long road. My mom used to home school me for English and math then I would go to school for part of the day for science. It was a struggle.

I would play the phonics game to help me sound out words and do writing exercises because I used to read from right to left instead of left to right. For math I did similar things. I stayed back in second grade twice and I read on a fourth grade reading level.

I used to go to Colony Christian Academy but that only went up to eighth grade. When I graduated from that school, I went to Mohonasen High School where I go now. When I was in ninth grade, I was in special classes for English, math, and global studies. This year I am in all regular classes; some of the classes are hard but I have a lady who comes in and helps me.

Some of my goals when I am out of school are to become a kindergarten teacher or a sign language teacher, but I’m not too sure yet. Sometimes in my life I wish I didn’t have LD but I guess it is a gift to have.

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