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The Mouse and the Lion

Seoul , KR

Once upon a time, there was a poor mouse called Fred who was walking along the wonderful path which led to a beautiful forest. It was a very peaceful forest with colourful birds, magnificent trees and grassy plants. But one thing nobody knew, even Fred, was that there was a very scary and foolish lion who lived under a hollow tree.

There used to be Mrs Panda and Baby Panda living over there, but when the lion had entered their home, Baby Panda was eaten by the lion and Mrs Panda had no choice but to run away. Remember Fred? Now, he had stopped by to have some drink in the fresh-watered stream before he strolled through the woods again. Fred was very tired because he had been walking for 3 hours. He sat by a dead mushroom to have a little rest.

But then, it rained heavily and the mushroom soaked to the ground. Fred was worried that he might be lost so he ran for shelter. There was a hollow tree and he ran inside and took a nap. When he woke up, he felt something soft and he was leaning to it. There, when he turned around, he saw a lion growling at him. He jumped up and tried to run, but then the lion’s shark claws pinned Fred’s tail to the ground.

“Hey! You’re a mouse! Man, my mum used to cook me roasted mouse, but now, I am just going to swallow you all!”

He opened his mouth and Fred stared into it. Grey tongue, sharp and dirty teeth, and most of all, stinky breath.

“Please do not eat me! Please! If something happens to you, I will save you from anything! So please do not eat me!”


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