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Multiplication Rap

Jacksonville, Florida, US

Your 1’s are easy, just keep them breezy.
2’s help you tie your shoes.
3’s help you eat peas.
4’s help you close the doors.
Just count along and you will see your times tables are easy.
5’s keep you away from beehives.
Count how much honey you get and then you’ll get it!
The 6’s are a snap, and pop a bottle cap.
And then they can get in your mind, and you’ll see you’re not behind.
I have a friend named Evan and he knows his 7’s
He helps me count when I’m down, then we go round and round.
You got your 8’s, you eat a cake, then you can count your 8’s.
You got 9’s, you’re not behind, so count along and make it home.
I have a friend named Ben who knows his 10’s.
He makes the wind when he counts his 10’s.

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