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Musings on My Learning Disability

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Living with a learning disability can be a strange journey through cluttered alleys leading to bizarre oases and still more alleys.

The sky seems so very high above some days and other days so close; and I feel a great longing to gather it in my hands and hold it to my heart.

Sometimes I need concrete facts about myself and sometimes I can only see my feet.

There are times when my learning disability tries to control me; and my brain will only go so fast; it seems like an annoyance that is bent on restricting me. But it also gives me an unusual perspective on limits and maybe it tries to teach me patience and attention to detail.

My learning disability ostracizes me. It can make me feel like an unwanted infant. But it also lends me empathy for others.

Sometimes a dead end is a very alive place to be! Things are growing from places that have been forsaken and abandoned by people.

My learning disability can blind me. But it also lets me see things other people don’t notice.

Sometimes my learning disability seems like a confining box; trying to keep me trapped. But this box can be very beautiful and there is always a door that I can reach up and open if I am brave.

The elements that make me include my learning disability; but it is not ALL of me. It is a small part of who I am. Just like the rocks, seaweed, water and sky are a portion of the beach.

My learning disability can make time seems to stand still, but I can enjoy the moment and notice the exquisite surroundings.

I am a paranormal part of my environment, separate because of my difference; a difference that is not tangible to others.

In my mind my disability cages me from the rest of the world. If I can only learn to “accept and move on.”

One day I will leave my cage behind and move on to be the person I am meant to be. I will always perceive the world differently from others but that is just how I think and a part of who I am.

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