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My brain

Houston, Texas, US

I have lots of learning disabilities. I have dyslexia and dyscalculia and ADHD. Sometimes I hate them. My teachers don’t understand it. My dad doesn’t understand it, either. They think I’m dumb, or that I’m not trying or that I’m defiant. My mom tries to understand me. My friends get that I have a harder time.

Some people say I’m crazy because I’m so hyper. Most kids in my school like me or get along with me. I go to a small school. Most people are used to me. My friend says that I say the most random things.

I can never focus or sit still. My handwriting and spelling and reading are bad. I always get the numbers mixed up in math, and I always forget the formulas. It feels like I’m the only 13-year-old that can’t tell left from right or and can’t dribble a basketball.

I get lost easily and I can’t read maps. My dad always tells me, “Other kids your age can do that. Why can’t you?” I do play the drums better than most kids my age, though. I guess that’s my talent.

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