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My Diagnosis: “Twice Exeptional Dyslexic Dysgraphia” Huh?

Alberta, CA

In kindergarten I was the only one that could read, write the alphabet, do addition and subtraction and evan simple algebra. They called me bright, they wanted me to skip a grade, but the province said ‘no’, I wasn’t old enough. So I stayed with the kids my age.

In grade one I went to a french immersion school, a new language, no one could spell or write, so no one noticed my struggle. In grade three when they started to teach us english, I was the only one that could read, so no one noticed my struggle.

In the later elementary grades, they called me lazy, they said things like “If your so bright, why can’t you spell or even rite?” They continued to say I was lazy. But I wasn’t.

I worked very hard, practicing my printing everyday. No one noticed my struggle. My mom, a single working mother, never noticed, the school said nothing, except that I wasn’t motivated. I continued to struggle.

In grade seven, we hardly did any spelling or writing, I got out of it. In grade 8, I got the ‘your lazy’, the ‘your unmotivated’, ‘you don’t try hard enough’, and evan an ‘your just stupid’. Harsh.

Then finally an english teacher figured it out. I was LD. I had lots of somewhat silly tests. Their conclusion “Gifted and talented in math, logic and spatial ability. Shows strong sign of dyslexic dysgraphia and possibly dyslexia.”

I still don’t understand fully what this means, but the resource teacher told me that I had a great mind, that was capable of many things, but for some reason, it just didn’t like certain things so I had to work harder, but I shouldn’t let my LD cover up my bright and gifted mind. She told me to persevere and I would prevail. I think that is the best thing you can say to anyone who has just found out there LD.

Persevere and your bright mind will prevail. You can accomplish anything!

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