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My dream

Tucson, Arizona, US

Lynnette and I were walking down a wooden bridge in the middle of nowhere. Surrounding us, we could have been in the middle of the ocean, as there was nothing but an endless ocean surrounding us. There it was a cloudy day with a sun that shined softly.

There were other people, on the road that seemed to be enjoying their walks as well. We do not need to know where we are going. It is very eerie, there is mist surrounding us and it would be very scary if I were alone. Where am I? How did I get on this road? Why I am so relaxed? Did I die? Is this heaven? Hell? Something in between? But I was fortunate I was not alone as me and Lynnette was holding hands.

We were not talking. We were so caught up in our walk and enjoying our thoughts that there was nothing to say. I had no questions about anything, I was just at peace. It felt as if I was carefree. As I look around I see people walking behind me and in front me, in the same direction. Some walked in pairs and some were alone. I was not curious about who they were because I felt we were heading to the same final destination.

However something terrible had begun to happen. The light in the sky turned dark. The sun had vanished. All of my happy thoughts have left me. A heavy rain had started to pick up. I felt terrible. The rain turned endless. Time did not seem to exist as it kept raining. Then the wind had picked up. I look around and there is no shelter to take cover from the rain. Why had this happened?

Next thing I knew, a flood had come and took away the bridge. The ground from which we had been walking crashed down towards the ocean. The loud cracks of the wooden beams snapping in half rang through my ears.

Next thing I knew I was stranded in the dark water. The bridge was gone. The flood had taken it away. The mist was still there. As I looked up, the mist was endless; I could not see the sky. The mist glowed bright gray as the only thing that pierced the fog was more rain.

I was soaked in the water. I felt myself gasping and trying to breathe as water kept coming towards me. Is the ocean still filling with water? I was looking for Lynnette and I could not find her. I felt so lost and scared. Where is she? All of a sudden I find swarms of people floating around me, they are all crying and pleading to be rescued, but by whom? I call for Lynnette but I hear not replies.

I find that I am holding a wooden plank? The wood was keeping me afloat for a short time but the ocean is pulling me in her. I am so scared of what is going on. I still cannot find Lynnette. I am so cold and so frightened that I close my eyes and start praying. Not for anything just praying that if there is a god that he would release me from this state. I am so confused and hope that I am not dead because this flood has not ended and it does not seem to end. The flood carries me higher and higher as I struggle to hold on to my plank of wood. I close my eyes, holding onto my plank for dear life that the cry’s of the people stop, but it doesn’t.

Then all of a sudden, I open my eyes. The torrential rain and the crying of the people stop. I find that I am alone, I floating in midair. No ocean, no mist, just the bright sun staring back at me. Where did the mist go? I look down and there is no earth, under me is just fog. There are a few clouds, and I am happy to see the sun warm me. Lynnette has found her way back to me. We both hold our hands as we float in midair. We do not speak a word as there is no need. We are just happy that we found each other again. I have completely forgotten about all of my problems and worries and I am just happy that Lynnette is with me. I find that I am so happy that I wake up.

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