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My Father!

Arlington, Virginia, US

My father is like every other father: plays ball with me and takes his little girl fishing (that little girl is me I’m 15).

Anyway, he takes me to work some times but what he does get about me is my disability and what it is. I am A.D.D and he acts like I’m a normal teenager girl who goes on dates and goes to the movies and does this and that. Well I do do those things but I’m slower than the rest of my friends and I hate it but that’s okay. He acts like I get good grades. I do but I get b’s, c’s some times I get A’s. One time I got an F but that was in the past. Anyway, I’ doing better in high school. I get A’s and B’s. and only one C.

My father on the other hand still doesn’t get my promblem. I wish he would and tell me that he cares.

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