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My Head

Florida, US

I woke up on a normal Saturday morning and come to find out, it wasn’t normal! I look at my head and I had long purple curly hair.

“This is unusual!” I exclaimed to myself heading torward the kitchen. My family was not up so I ate some Frosted Flakes cereal and looked back at my crazy hair and huh? It was rainbow stripes. I noticed my face turning pale.

“What will I do? Maybe I am ill!” So I took my temperature and saw it was normal. So Mom came down and said loudly “Honey, we have to call Dr. Mitzfits. What has happened, Lauren?” Mom was so frightened as I climbed in to the car.

“Do you have a fever, Lauren?” Mom stuttered.

“No, Mom.” I replied, back to her. The doctor checked me out and gave me medicine and I was me, Lauren again.

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