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My life

Glosershire, Other, US

Hi, my name is Tia. I am nine years old. I love ponies and other animals like dogs, birds and hamsters. My hobbies are horse riding art and literacy. I also like history, and math is ok.

I don’t like chocolate except for galaxy and snickers, mmmmmmmmm my favorite. I like people who are fashionable. I love my mum and dad and my dreams are to meet my favorite actors, to meet my favorite authors, to be a famous ice skater, and to own a big stable full of ponies and different kinds of horses. I really really want to grow up like a nice women and I don’t swear and things like that. So there is a little bit about my life and now I’m going to tell you a bit about my family.

I have 2 sisters and 1 brother and I have a dog and 2 hamsters. Mine is called snowball and my sister’s is called princess. I know, weird name isn’t it? My sisters are called Tarma and Lorie and my brother is called Callum. Then there’s my mum. She’s called Jade and my dad is called Gavin. I said I had a dog and she’s called Dezel. She’s a guard dog.

I have lots of fish. Mine is called Starlight, my brother’s died and Tarma called her fish princess. Lorie just calls hers fishy. My mum’s is massive! Hers is the biggest fish in the pond. She calls it Jaws and my dad shares Jaws with my mum so Jaws is my mum’s and dad’s. We also have other fish and some of are fish have had lots of babies so I don’t no how many fish we have.

Anyway, that’s my family. Did I mention I love school because you hang out with your friends and you learn and if you didn’t go to school, you wouldn’t know what 2+2= so school is very important. Anyway, that’s a few things about my life and I hope that your life is as good as mine and that you enjoyed reading about my life.

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