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My Story

Arlington, Virginia, US

When I first realized that I had ADHD, I was in second grade. All the kids read well and paid attention in class.

They put me in this different reading class. I stumbled with some words.

I know some things. I know about LD and ADHD. ADHD is something where you can’t pay attention in class. LD is when you have trouble reading or writing. I have the most trouble with spelling.

My talents are that I love to sing, dance, and write songs. I am good with animals. I encourage people to never give up on something they are good at.

It is important to know about your problem. If you know, then you can learn more. You can teach others about disabilities.

It is okay to have a disability. No matter what people tell you, never give up! Don’t let your dream go just because of a disability.

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