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Psh. Pessimistic much?

Lawrence, Kansas, US

WHAT UP? I’m Laura (duhh) and have ADD. I’m not hyperactive like some kids, but I have trouble hearing people, especially when it’s loud. Part of this is that I’m a percussionist, and that tends to wreak havoc on your hearing, but partly I just tune out halfway through someone talking and have to ask them to repeat it.

I first found out about my ADD in first grade. In the elementary school I was in for Kindergarten and 1st grade, the classrooms were in ‘pods’ with four classes in one gigantic, chaotic room. This was exactly the WRONG setup for me, and as a result I often knew more about what the other classes were doing rather than my own class.

My mom took me to a doctor, who talked to me and stuff. (I think… I actually have no memory whatsoever of that event, except for one of the hallways.) Anyway, the school still refused to accept that I had ADD, because they only accepted their OWN testing (the testing I had before was by a very well respected doctor, mind you) and they only did their OWN testing in 4th grade.

Cut to grade four. I’m doing ok in school (apart from the fact that I had a grand total of one friend, and she was a jerk) and the district finally tests me. Unfortunately, they thought it jolly good fun to give me an IQ test for kids with autism! (or anything where you’re not particularly bright… so maybe autism isn’t the best example…) Now, those of you well educated in the effects of ADD can probably tell why this is a BAD IDEA. BECAUSE PEOPLE WITH ADD HAVE IQ’S 20% HIGHER THAN THOSE WITHOUT! UGH! (My IQ is 126 :))

So, anyway, I’m finally on medication and getting much better grades than I did last year (no F’s, at least.) I think it’s mighty pessimistic of everyone to say ‘disability, disability” every other word! We’re smarter than all those other people! We’re more mature! (Emotionally, not necessarily behaviorally. ^_^) THE ARMY OF KIDS WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES WILL RISE UP! AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD! MUAHAHA! Um, yeah. I got a bit carried away there. But you get the idea, right?

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