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Something To Think About

Los Angeles, California, US

There was always something in my mind, and there still is. It was this: why do people judge for something small? For some cases, it’s a “disability.” I don’t think it’s a problem at all. I mean this for ADHD or ADD or anything like that.

I say this because of things I remember. I was always the kid in the class who never seemed to sit still or when I was still, I wasn’t what you’d call the quietest. I didn’t think there was anything different about me than anybody else, until everyone else learned to stay still or keep it down or stuff like that. I didn’t, though.

I don’t have ADHD and I’ve known that for a long time, but my classmates believe I do. And one thing I know is that no one takes you seriously if you play around all the time. I can focus, at times that is. I guess my point is this: Don’t underestimate someone just because they’re different. For all you know, they’ll be the one to make a difference. The people who are so “hyper” or can’t pay attention so long can be all they want to be. They can achieve just as much as the next kid can, maybe even more…

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