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The Story of 78 Children

Sunderland, Maryland, US

Seventy eight children,
All who only had one shoe,
Had a mother named
Apple April Angus A-choo.

All seventy eight children were special
But Apple April Angus A-choo
Had her favorite nestle,
Hessie and Bessie were always messy
And ate all the strawberry pie,
Jill and Bill, who only stood still
Loved to laugh and cry,
Kiki and Max, who wore potato sacks
On hot summer days,
Liked to bring their fresh eggs in eight neat trays.
Louse and Clouse had a mouse
That was in a brass marching band
But the rest of Apple April Angus A-choo
Were all cats who lived in their house.

One day their mother took the horse and kart to Wal-Mart
To buy walls and Christmas presents.
She bought:
Jill and Bill tissues for their crying issues.
Louse and Mouse a brand new marching band mouse.
Hessie and Bessie, who always were messy,
Bleaches and sponges.
Kiki and Max patches for their potato sacks.
And for the cats Christmas knick-knacks.

While their mother was away
The children went astray.
Playing in the forest,
The children played Cats and Dogs.
So they hid behind trees and under logs,
Then along came wicked Crankity Meg,
Who claimed to be a florist.

Then she said,
“Stop meowing children and cats.
Your nothing but crummy street rats,
Anyhow, have a sip of this grizzly gourd
For hence magic was poured.”
So all of the seventy eight children had a taste
And without a trace they turned into toys
For Crankity Meg’s three headed dog Cloys.

Hessie and Bessie turned into Squeaky rubber pie.
Bill and Jill turned into Baby dolls who cry.
Louse and Clouse each turned into a wind up rolling mouse.
Kiki and Max turned into a set of trains and tracks.
As for all the cats, They turned into a large amount of baseball bats.

When their alarmed mother came back to the house
To just find no one there.
She turned, pulled back her hair,
and didn’t care.
At six the clock went tick-tock,
So Apple April Angus A-choo
Laid out all her children’s dinner
Just to be surprised that the house didn’t tremor.

Then Apple April Angus A-choo
Searched and searched,
And asked and asked,
No one saw a glimpse or glimmer.
Then Crankity Meg, who lost her leg,
Came down the lane with her kart wobbling by.
Apple April Angus A-choo began to cry. “Have you seen my children?
They’re about ‘yay’ high.”
Crankity Meg let out a sigh.
“Yes, I have seen your children.
I blasted them to a billion.”
With a cackle and a wobble
She tripped and fell in the middle of the streets.
Spilling the gourd, and a farmer’s beets.
When Crankity spilled her gourd,
Having the heavens struck full chord,
The cart full of toys turned into
A cart full of cats, girls, and boys!
Apple April Angus A-choo
Began to cry. For she thought
Her children fell into the river
And died.

Apple April Angus A-choo
Was mad that her children were stole
So she prayed for Crankity Meg’s wicked soul.

Seventy eight children,
All who only had one shoe,
Had a mother named
Apple April Angus A-choo.

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