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Strengths and Weaknesses

Hollywood, Florida, US

Hi, I am Peter and I have LD (learning differences). I am going to share some of my strengths and weaknesses with you guys. Some things I am really good at are sports. I play a lot of soccer at camp with all of my friends. I also play a little bit of football, but only flag football. My friends and I are really good at all of these sports.

My dad and I always go go-carting every weekend. I am really good at it. I kind of have racing in my blood because my dad is a racecar driver. My dad says that I am always a winner no matter what happens on the track. My dad is right! Now, I will share some of my weaknesses with you guys. In school I usually need help with reading. It is really hard. In reading, I am usually having a lot of trouble. Reading is fun, but very tough.

I am also not that good at science either. Science is one of my favorite subjects even though it is tough. It is really cool because you can learn about what is inside you. Maybe if you try harder you will get the hang of you! I love science! Right now I am in the middle of moving houses for the first time that I remember with my mom! I say with my mom because my mom and dad are divorced. It is really hard to move. As my mom usually says, “moving houses is not sad, it is an adventure and anyways, it is just a house.”

I get upset a lot because it is sad to leave my neighborhood friends. Also leaving my house. Packing is really tricky. Packing is also really fun. I love and dislike pack and moving.

Now these are some things that I can help others with. I am a good guide to help people with things like math or social studies. I am really nice to other people. At least I think I am good at being a friend.

I don’t really care if people make fun of me because I have LD. All I care about is making good friends and being really smart. Besides my mom and my dad and my sister. I actually like having LD. Learning differently is really fun.

If people say bad things about you it is just because they are probable jealous of you. If they say mean things you shouldn’t just say something back to them. You should just walk away. If you don’t like having LD, just don’t think about it. If you do, you will dislike having LD more. If it wasn’t for my LD teachers, I wouldn’t even be able to write this right now.

Right now I will tell you good ideas of how to be good at being a good friend to someone you have never met. If you haven’t met a guy down the block of your house you should go to his house and say a nice hello. If he says something nice, he probable wants to be your friend. Maybe he can come to your house some day.

My whole point about this story is to tell other people that having LD can be much smarter than other kids. LD is not a problem. It is a good thing to have because you learn better and you can be smarter than others. I am happy to have LD. I’m really smart most of my really good friends also have LD.

So be smart and don’t care what others think about you having LD!

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