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Taking the road to sucess with my disablity

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Have you ever felt that your disablity would make you different? It makes you feel bad. Well, when I was younger, I felt the same way but never felt bad. People who have disablities have talents, talents that people should know and hear about. I go to a disablity school where the teachers are nice and I love them. Kids wouldn’t hurt your feelings like my old school, and I met tons of friends, and the kids will not hate you. They suprise all of us everday. I really do love my school. It rocks!!!!

I do have Spastic Cebral Palsy but it never lets me stop myself for being who I am, and kepping myself strong. I do martial arts and I might do horse back riding. I love horses! My cousin who has cebral palsy loves horses like me and she horse back rides!!!

At first I didnt know how to react to my disablity, so when I went to PT, I would shy up because I didn’t know how to act. Since I am in a good school, love my disablity, and in 9th grade, I learned who cares what people think. All my best friends have disablities and my other friends do to at my school. So never stop succeeding, hate your disablity, flunk, or hide yourself, because I know even when I was on the same boat as you, there is always a path to sucess.

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