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Time runing out

Frederick , Maryland, US

Dyslexia isn’t a disease. The biggest problem right now is my time is running out. I am in 10th grade and there’s little to no help for dyslexia, software wise, yet. I still go to school every day just to try to get A’s.

People don’t understand the abstractness of my thoughts. In English we have to use a pen and I always find myself marking a sentence out because there’s a better ideal. I rarely had accommodations in my school life, maybe 1 or 2 times, but now im 15 in 10th grade. I’ve been taking what my mom had to say to the school say and I found myself having to go to the dropout interventionist, which put 1 thing into perspective for me which was they don’t see dyslexia as important. Yeah, dyslexia may not be visible to others, but dyslexia is visible to 1 person and that’s the person that has dyslexia. The one question I have not found an answer to is if ADHD is treatable why does that give me more accommodations then my dyslexia.

All my friends know I have dyslexia and it doesn’t bother me. I mean, some kids try to make fun of me about it. I want to help other kids with dyslexia. My time is running out quickly in high school the process of them looking into accommodations speeds the clock up the clock always ticks. I love how my mind works the abstractness of my thought. The biggest problem is organization of anything.

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