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When I found out about that I had a learning disablity

Congers, New York, US

Hi, My name is Sinead. I am 18-yrs-old and I have a learning disability. When I was in Catholic school, I had to repeat 2nd grade. I felt that I was dumb. My parents and I argued a lot and lots of tears were shed. So that year went on and I passed. While I was in school, though, I had a stuttering problem, so reading for me was hard in class. Once you’re in Catholic school, you don’t get any services, so my parents had to pull me out of school to go to a public school for half a day to help my stuttering.

My family and I moved and I began in a new school. I made many friends and we’re still friends today, which I am very happy about, but my life changed here. I went into 4th grade and I was in extra reading classes, and had my own speech teacher at my school. Once 5th grade came around, my mom talked to my teachers and principal and thought it was best that I was put into Special Education Program. A lot of DR.’s tested me. Some of the stuff was hard and some of it was easy and fun.

So 5th grade came around and I was in special ed classes with other students that were in there since they were in 2nd grade! I couldn’t believe that my school had that. I am very happy in my special education classes. I love the attention we get from the teachers. They are understanding and here to help, unlike the other teachers out there that just move on a fast pace.

I have heard from many of my friends that they don’t like their math teacher because they go too fast. Well, I can’t say that about mine because there is nothing more important than having all your students understand all the concepts they are being taught. And not to brag, but many of my friends kinda wish they had the accommodations that we get ;}

And for all those bullies out there that like to make fun of us because we learn a little differently than you, go find something to waste your time on other than bullying us around, calling us “sped” kids, as you like to put it, because you never know… you might be blessed with children that have a LD!!!!!!KARMA!!!!!!!!

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