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All About Learning Disabilities and ADHD

LD OnLine knows that there are many different ways to learn, and having the right tools at school and at home can change everything. Explore our resources and help every child reach their full potential.

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Parent and teacher meeting


The IEP Team Members

Parents and teachers as well as other professionals are required by law to be involved in writing a student’s IEP. Find out about the members of an IEP team and the roles they play.

Reading & Dyslexia

Common Signs of Dyslexia

Dyslexia is the most common cause of reading, writing and spelling difficulties. This article provides a list of common signs of dyslexia.

More Highlights

A child dressed as a detective with a magnifying glass

Early Identification

Suspect a Problem?

When a child is having a language or reading problem, the reason could be simple to understand and deal with or it could be complicated. Often, children may just need more time to learn their language skills.

Teacher welcomes students to classroom with a high five

Classroom Management

Classroom Management Tips

These tips on how to keep your classroom running smoothly have been gathered from teachers around the world.

Contributions From You

Constant State of Motion

Polly G. Haselden
In this “first person” account, a university professor describes how her LD sometimes causes difficulties in managing the duties of her teaching position. She also offers a look at the supports she builds for herself in order to accomplish organizational tasks.
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LD OnLine is made possible by a generous grant from

National Education Association (NEA)
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