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The latest news stories about LD and ADHD.

New research shows controversial Reading Recovery program eventually had a negative impact on children (opens in a new window)

APM Media

April 28, 2022

One of the world’s most widely used reading intervention programs for young children took a hit to its credibility today following the release of a new study at the American Educational Research Association conference. Reading Recovery — a one-on-one tutoring program for first graders — has long been controversial because it’s based on a theory about how people read words that was disproven decades ago by cognitive scientists. The new, federally funded study found that children who received Reading Recovery had scores on state reading tests in third and fourth grade that were below the test scores of similar children who did not receive Reading Recovery.

AI could help teachers spot learning difficulties (opens in a new window)

TES Magazine

April 15, 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI) could help trainee teachers to spot learning difficulties in pupils, a study by academics at the University of Cambridge and the German university LMU Munich shows. In a trial, 178 trainee teachers identified pupils with potential learning difficulties, and then had their work “marked” by AI. The researchers found that the approach significantly improved the teachers’ ability to collect and assess evidence about a pupil, and draw appropriate conclusions, so the child can be given tailored support. 

Developing Emotional Literacy Across the Grade Levels (opens in a new window)


April 15, 2022

Teaching students to identify and express their own emotions—and consider those of others—empowers them, and sets them up for learning. Here are practices to help kids at different grade levels develop the vocabulary and practice the emotional literacy skills to better understand and more effectively participate in the world around them.

Building social capital is critical for strong relationships. ADHD can get in the way. (opens in a new window)

The Washington Post

February 03, 2022

While most people think of this disorder as causing difficulties with completing assignments in school or the workplace, it can also lead to a deficit in what experts call “social capital.” Social capital is the network and goodwill that you have with other people that help you not only accomplish tasks, but also [maintain] important social connections.

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