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I am in the process of going back to college to seek a degree in education. Although I have been out of school for many years, I am excited about going back. Unfortunately, I find myself having a hard time processing a lot of the assignments my instructors give. I get concerned and worry that I might have a learning disability. Will I still be able to pursue my career as an educator if I can’t keep up with the work?

Many college students, both of traditional and non-traditional age, have learning disabilities and learning difficulties. You can absolutely still pursue your chosen career! The first thing you should do is discuss your concerns directly with your university’s Disability Services. They can help you find resources at your school, explore avenues for being tested for a learning disability and recommend accommodations and strategies that might help you with your coursework.

With a documented disability, you are entitled to accommodations and support, so it may be worthwhile to get tested and identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses. Working with Disabilities Services, you can identify strategies and resources to help you succeed. Check out the wide variety of resources on LD Online for more information about LD, testing, and learning strategies that may help you.

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